How It Work from Software


  1. Download and Install the Software and then Go to Start » All Programs » BKF Repair. bkf repair software
  2. Enter the location of BKF files or browse the folder where .bkf files are located and choose the scan mode based on the degree of corruption. scan-bkf-file
    1. Quick Scan: Quickly scans .bkf files with minimum level of corruption
    2. Deep Scan: It scans the files which are highly corrupted and / or requires a definite amount of time, depending on the level of corruption
    3. Range Based Scan: Scans a certain location of the selected backup (.bkf) file.
  3. Now click Scan button to initialize the scanning procedure for selected BKF file. scanning-modes
  4. Click Close to finalise the scan process.
  5. After completion of scan process, all recoverable files/folders are shown in a proper Directory. Navigate the files by clicking on the folder expand icon. Files and folders of respective folder will be displayed in adjacent window. view-the-files-from-backup
  6. Software is equipped with Search button to navigate a particular file easily

    NOTE: Users can also search with file extension

  7. Now select whole Directory or folder or a particular file by checking them and to extract just right click the selected files and click on Extract file option extract-selected-files
  8. Now select the location where you want the recovered files to be placed.

    NOTE:Users can either choose the location or Choose "Extract at Original Location" option to maintain the folder directory hierarchy.

  9. Upon successfully completion of extraction process, the software pops a message window providing the location along with time of the recovered file. extraction-completed
  10. Recovered files/folders are now ready to explore preview-backup